North Alabama Woodcarvers Association conducts 2 beginner carving classes each year, one session on Tuesdays and one session on Thursdays.  Classes for 2018 will begin January 2 and end May 31 unless otherwise announced. Each year we teach several projects aimed towards building carving skills and introducing different types of carving, i.e., carving in the round, relief carving, chip carving, cottonwood bark carving, etc.  There is plenty of variety to keep students interested throughout the season.  Each project is taught on Tuesday and the content repeated on Thursday.  This makes it more convenient for those who have prior commitments on one of those days or who want to reinforce their learning by attending both sessions.  Training the muscles to make the 3 basic strokes correctly is paramount.  Execution of the basic strokes is designed to safely control and limit each cut away from the holding hand.  To be successful, it is recommended that students practice at least 30 minutes each day to train muscles and build hand and arm strength. The first project is to learn basic pull and push strokes, how to deal with wood grain and train and strengthen the hand and arm muscles.  The second project is to learn the basic stop stroke and continue training and strengthening the hand and arm muscles.  Remaining projects will integrate and utilize all strokes.  All classes are held at Oak Park Baptist Church, 2105 Cloys Ave., Huntsville, AL 35811.  The classes are from 6:30 to 8:30 PM both days.  NAWA members are welcome to take any and all classes.  You do not have to be a beginner.


COST:  Classes are FREE but students must join NAWA.  Dues are $20.00 a year and should be paid at or before the first class session.  Instructors sell blanks for each project at a nominal fee, generally around $4 (except cottonwood bark or relief blanks which may be slightly more).


TOOLS: A SHARP carving knife, optional chip carving knife, strop, and grinding compound, carving glove, and thumb guard are the basic tools needed. If you wish to purchase these items at club cost, they will be available at the first class at an average cost of $45.


SCHEDULE:  The class calendar is included in the EVENT CALENDAR.  Click on each event in order to get more information.  Please note that while we will post any schedule changes that may occur on this website, you may also sign up to be notified if changes are made.  You will see this option on the calendar.


SPECIAL EVENTS:  From time to time,  we are made aware of special classes and/or workshops offered by one of our members or by area woodcarvers or organizations.  If we find about these opportunities, we will post them on our What's New page and the Event Calendar.


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